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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

The most common cause of spinal cord injury is trauma with nearly half of the injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. Other types of trauma include falls, violence and sports injuries. Spinal cord injury can also be caused by compression of the cord by a tumor, infection, or inflammation. Injuries to the spinal cord can cause weakness or complete loss of muscle function, loss of sensation in the body below the level of injury, and/or loss of control of the bowels and bladder. In the neck, a spinal cord injury may cause difficulty for breathing.

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SCI Treatment Options

The most important consideration when moving people to a hospital or trauma center is preventing further injury to the spine and spinal cord. Spinal cord injury isn't always apparent. Any injury that involves the head, pelvic fractures, invasive injuries in the area of the spine, or injuries that result from falling from heights should be suspect for spinal cord damage.

Until imaging of the spine is done at an emergency or trauma center, people who might have spinal cord injury should be cared for as if any significant movement of the spine could cause further damage. They are usually transported in a recumbent (lying down) position, with a rigid collar and backboard immobilizing the spine. Respiratory complications can also be an indication of the severity of spinal cord injury. Many people with injury to the neck area will need help with breathing via intubation. A patient's condition can be best managed at a designated spine trauma center.

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