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Past Trial

Aesculap (ActivL – Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement)

A study co-authored by Dr. Buttermann was recently published in Spine, a peer-reviewed publication.

The paper, entitled “Lumbar Total Disc Replacement for Discogenic Low Back Pain: Two-year Outcomes of the activL Multicenter Randomized Controlled IDE Clinical Trial,” was published on December 15, 2015. The study, authored by many of the principal investigators from the activL Artificial Disc IDE Trial, was a non-inferiority trial comparing the activL device to predicate motion preservation devices. The objective of the trial was to determine if activL Artificial Disc was safe and effective for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

“It is exciting to have a high-impact journal like Spine recognize the significance of data like this and make it the lead article,” said Glenn Buttermann, MD, an investigator on the activL Artifical Disc IDE trial and co-author of the publication. “Evidence like this is important to help motion preservation surgeons like myself defend our position with payers and increase our qualified patients’ access to motion preservation surgery.”

Read the full press release here.