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Intradiscal Injection

Intradiscal Injection

An Intradiscal Steroid Injection is a treatment for pain that is suspected to be coming from one or more spinal discs. The medication that will be injected includes a steroid (long-acting cortisone type medication). The action of this medication is to reduce pain and inflammation. The steroid may take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks to start working. To minimize risk of infection, prior to the procedure an IV will be placed and antibiotic medication given. Using x-ray guidance and after the skin and tissues have been numbed with local anesthetic, a needle will be positioned into the disc to be treated. When the medication is injected a patient may feel an achy, pressure sensation that will probably be much like the pain typically produced by that disc. This is normal. Pain medication may be given through the IV and local anesthetic may also be injected into the disc.

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