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Instrumentation Removal

Instrumentation Removal

Plate/Rod/Screw Removal

When conservative treatments no longer provide long term relief for your pain, surgical interventions to remove the plate, rod or screws placed at the time of your fusion surgery may be recommended.

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  • The surgeon makes an incision over you’re the area of your previous fusion.
  • Fluoroscopy, or live x-ray, is used during the procedure.
  • The plate, rod and/or screws are removed.
  • The surgeon will inspect the fusion site for a solid fusion mass.
  • Surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Spine Surgery Recovery

Recovery after plate, rod or screw removal surgery is usually relatively brief. It is dependent the age and overall health of the individual. Return to work also varies greatly among patients and is related to overall health and the type of work you do.

If you have questions about surgical removal of rods, plates, or screws, contact Midwest Spine & Brain Institute at 1.800.353.7720.