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Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical Disc Replacement

Neck pain can severely reduce a patient’s quality of life regardless of its cause. Neck pain treatment options may include physical therapy, chiropractic, injection therapy, minimally invasive and/or traditional spine surgery. If you are living with chronic neck pain, a single or two level cervical disc replacement could be an option for you so you may return to a pain-free life.

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Single & Two Level Cervical Disc Replacement

The surgeons at Midwest Spine & Brain Institute perform both single and two level cervical disc replacements using the Mobi-C (a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved artificial disc). The Mobi-C cervical disc replacement procedure is an alternative to a spinal fusion which may result in enhanced range-of-motion in the neck following surgery.

The video below explains the cervical disc replacement procedure:


Cervical Total Disc Replacement Surgery in Minnesota

Total disc replacement in the cervical (neck) region generally requires one hour per level. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the front of the neck. Using a live x-ray, the surgeon will be able to precisely remove the degenerative disc. Once the disc is removed, the surgeon will put the artificial disc in place. Following surgery, the patient can be discharged to home.

Read more about the LDR total disc replacement at cervicaldisc.com.

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