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Advanced Non Surgical Procedures

Advanced Non Surgical Procedures

Diagnostic and Therapeutic injections, Advanced procedures and more...

Interventional pain procedures at Midwest Spine & Brain Institute are used as both a diagnostic and treatment option. The highly skilled and sub-specialty trained pain physicians at Midwest Spine & Brain Institute work with you to help reduce your pain and restore you to an active lifestyle.

Your individualized plan of care begins with a full evaluation of your condition. Our providers work together with you to determine the appropriate treatment plan with the goal of diminishing your discomfort. An interventional pain management approach is one of the conservative options for treating your painful neck or back condition.

Interventional treatment options at Midwest Spine & Brain Institute include diagnostic and therapeutic injections, discography, radiofrequency neuroablation, spinal cord stimluators, and vertebroplasty.

Risks of Interventional Injections

Interventional pain injection procedures are generally considered safe and effective. Complications are rare but may include worsening pain, allergic reaction, infection, bleeding, nerve damage or paralysis. When performed by an experienced physician using fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance the risk of serious complication is minimized.